Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Human interface computer as consumer product age:

1983 - January, Lisa was the first human interface consumer computer.
1984 - January , Apple released the Mac 128K. The Movie "PIRATES of SILICON VALLEY" (20-27 June 1999) is the history for Lisa / Mac and Windows. Bill Gates,
Microsoft USA was very interested in Lisa computer at that time. This Human Computer interface research leads to me being headhunedt by ASC II Corporation in Japan.
Because Kazuhiko Nishi was a Vice President of both ASC II and Microsoft USA at that time,the research got channelled to Microsoft USA.
1985 - January, I became as the head of research laboratory for ASC II. One of ASC II's executives Takeshi Yoshizaki likes my work including UFO, Psychic and brain wave
interactive research - his fear of future Tokyo earthquakes may explain this.
1987- ASC II needed to divides into ASC II and Microsoft Japan under new management; I was requested to make brain interface for Windows machine and for
Game machine, and to stop UFO & Psychic research. I decided to leave at this junction to dedicate full-time research for Psychic Lab. Then world's first windows computer was
born on 11th of August 1987, Microsoft releases the fist version of its GUIOS, Windows 1.01, developed by ASC II and NEC.


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