Tuesday, December 20, 2005

History of IBVA4

My electric system construction started beginning of 1960's, vacuum tube to silicon chip.
In 1972, I had strange experience, also my friend's had UFO and Psychic experience, then my interest was change from electronics to psychotoronics.
In 1993, first Crop Circle I saw in UK was image like "Handicap chair Icon".
Not just only me, people in this planet looks like handicap in the mind, how to use brain, hyper space existence and connection.
It's caused by disinformation, cover up science and technology many years, over 5000 years of history cover up, over 50 years of UFO disinformation.
Many people are can not walk by them self in the mind, even if can walk physically.
IBVA is new tool for art projection = freedom of expression & information, new experience for brain, mind and hyper space existence.
In this planet, all technology is depend on how to use, what purpose,,, this situation is so different than other planet and hyper space people.
This makes not good image for technology and cause big problem to communicate other planet and hyper space people.
I decided to open IBVA as commercial product is for introduce new way to use technology.


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yoku oboeteimasu

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