Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Biofeedback multimedia human interface as consumer product age:

1988 - I started to develop IBVA as part of Psychic Lab Inc.
1991- April, IBVA V1.0.2 first shipped.
1995 - was the turning year for 3D real-time interactive / feed back programming and hyperspace research. Quantum Teleportation research by IBM
1995 - March: "Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document" by Mr. Laurence Rockefeller founded. ADA95 Lovelace by DOD.
1995 - By the 2nd of July, The master of "Qi gong" Chow zhi xiang from China found High power Zero point energy spot "Kiba" in Nagano Japan
1995 - 12 July, a crop circle appeared featuring a solar system, without an earth, in UK.
1998 - April-May "Hyper space city Manhattan" open. AliasWavefront introduces its new 3D flagship product Maya.
1998 - 8-10 July "Best of show awards" IBVA by Imagination Unlimited at New York Mac world.
2001 - 24 Mar "Mac OSX" final ship. (But not include digital video, USB, etc)
2001 - 7 May "God & the Brain” How we're Wired for Spirituality, Newsweek magazine International edition, shows Mariko Mori's Art.
2001 - 8 May "Life On Mars? New Scientific Evidence" a press conference was held in Hotel New Yorker, New York City which many are calling a scientific milestone.
2001 - 9 May "Disclosure Project Press Conference on Extraterrestrials" at National Press Club White House Washington DC by military intelligence, government and corporate.
2001 - May "Composing music with computer" by Eduardo Miranda. Introduce to use IBVA coherence function for composing music.
2001 - Oct "Wave UFO" interactive brain wave art project using IBVA by Mariko Mori. Shows in Austria, New York and Genoa Italy between 2003 to 2005.
2002 - 02-12 December "Taken" by Steven Spielberg is a very interesting movie about aliens and implant technology, etc..
2002 - "Signal to Space concert" project contract with Michael Luckman witch use IBVA at concert to try to communicate Alien.
2003 - December "Medi Spa, Float" opened in Cape Town South Africa, and I began IBVA coherence project for interactive multimedia healing.
2004 - Brain wave VJ at Groovy Troopers, CristalVision etc. Cape Town.
2004 - March 20 - show IBVA at Natural Medicine event program, in Cape Town South Africa.
2004 - May "Museum of Psychic Experience" opened in York UK, they use IBVA for demonstrating interactive psychic experience.
2005 - latest: March Bio and quantum interface system : IBVA 4, Psychic feedback, 3D Interactive Brain VJ
2005 - 26 July "Alien Rock" book by Michael Luckman, published by VH1. Introduce "Signal to Space concert" project witch will use IBVA4 as psychic amplifier.


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