Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Biofeedback age:

1901 - "Development of Voluntary Control" was written by J.H.Bair, it is the first known record of biofeedback, with instrumentation to control part of the body.
1924 - 6 July - Hans Berger recorded signals from an intact skull, University of Jena, Germany. discovery of the human electroencephalogram, which he called "Elektroenkephalogramm."
In 1929 results in paper called "On the Electroencephalogram in Man" the first frequency he encountered was the 10-hertz range,
which at first was called the Berger rhythm, currently called Alpha rhythm. Hans Berger thus earned the recognition of "Father of Electroencephalography."
The central theme in Berger's work was the search for the correlation between objective activity of the brain and subjective psychic phenomena.
1934 - the first brain wave biofeedback was tested by E.D.Adrian at Cambridge, who with his partner, B.H.C.Matthews, replicated Hans Berger's work.


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