Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Until end of 2003, I put a lot of OpenGL display option and I/O function in the IBVA.
In case set a lot of display option ON for IBVA V3 OpenGL mode then human interactive speed feeling like 10 years ago. It's too slow for real-time interactive and feed back.

It has taken over 30 years to discover the threshold for human senses, this has depended on computer speed & hardware I/O technology.
A suitably powerful human interface needs a computer system like a 5 GHz to 10 GHz G5 with display resolution 2700 X 4100, OLED display (organic light emitting diode) is nice.
I feel 2005 will be a good year for new beginning of 3D real-time interactive and feed back system. For this process a lot of help and thanks too my wife Ayumi Furuya and Maya.
The movie "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" is nice movie for intoducing a new way of thinking.
But good Crop Circle Movie "A Place to Stay" that use a crop circle featuring a solar system, without an earth is still not shown to the public. (A Place to Stay DVD was shipped on Jun 2005) "Sign" is the Hollywood movie that 'shows' Crop Circle.
like this movie example, Nikola Tesla and Terra Hz computer story, etc., easy to find out how this plant technology and it's usage is very primitive in many way.
I'd like to use Terra Hz computer technology for more interesting way with change of media and education.
I don't know how to support Terra Hz computer by Apple. But Intel may announce this in this year. (Apple announced to use Intel chip on Jun 2005)
With Terra Hz computer + MP 4 + IBVA, we can do many interesting things within few years.

Biofeedback multimedia human interface as consumer product age:

1988 - I started to develop IBVA as part of Psychic Lab Inc.
1991- April, IBVA V1.0.2 first shipped.
1995 - was the turning year for 3D real-time interactive / feed back programming and hyperspace research. Quantum Teleportation research by IBM
1995 - March: "Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document" by Mr. Laurence Rockefeller founded. ADA95 Lovelace by DOD.
1995 - By the 2nd of July, The master of "Qi gong" Chow zhi xiang from China found High power Zero point energy spot "Kiba" in Nagano Japan
1995 - 12 July, a crop circle appeared featuring a solar system, without an earth, in UK.
1998 - April-May "Hyper space city Manhattan" open. AliasWavefront introduces its new 3D flagship product Maya.
1998 - 8-10 July "Best of show awards" IBVA by Imagination Unlimited at New York Mac world.
2001 - 24 Mar "Mac OSX" final ship. (But not include digital video, USB, etc)
2001 - 7 May "God & the Brain” How we're Wired for Spirituality, Newsweek magazine International edition, shows Mariko Mori's Art.
2001 - 8 May "Life On Mars? New Scientific Evidence" a press conference was held in Hotel New Yorker, New York City which many are calling a scientific milestone.
2001 - 9 May "Disclosure Project Press Conference on Extraterrestrials" at National Press Club White House Washington DC by military intelligence, government and corporate.
2001 - May "Composing music with computer" by Eduardo Miranda. Introduce to use IBVA coherence function for composing music.
2001 - Oct "Wave UFO" interactive brain wave art project using IBVA by Mariko Mori. Shows in Austria, New York and Genoa Italy between 2003 to 2005.
2002 - 02-12 December "Taken" by Steven Spielberg is a very interesting movie about aliens and implant technology, etc..
2002 - "Signal to Space concert" project contract with Michael Luckman witch use IBVA at concert to try to communicate Alien.
2003 - December "Medi Spa, Float" opened in Cape Town South Africa, and I began IBVA coherence project for interactive multimedia healing.
2004 - Brain wave VJ at Groovy Troopers, CristalVision etc. Cape Town.
2004 - March 20 - show IBVA at Natural Medicine event program, in Cape Town South Africa.
2004 - May "Museum of Psychic Experience" opened in York UK, they use IBVA for demonstrating interactive psychic experience.
2005 - latest: March Bio and quantum interface system : IBVA 4, Psychic feedback, 3D Interactive Brain VJ
2005 - 26 July "Alien Rock" book by Michael Luckman, published by VH1. Introduce "Signal to Space concert" project witch will use IBVA4 as psychic amplifier.

Human interface computer as consumer product age:

1983 - January, Lisa was the first human interface consumer computer.
1984 - January , Apple released the Mac 128K. The Movie "PIRATES of SILICON VALLEY" (20-27 June 1999) is the history for Lisa / Mac and Windows. Bill Gates,
Microsoft USA was very interested in Lisa computer at that time. This Human Computer interface research leads to me being headhunedt by ASC II Corporation in Japan.
Because Kazuhiko Nishi was a Vice President of both ASC II and Microsoft USA at that time,the research got channelled to Microsoft USA.
1985 - January, I became as the head of research laboratory for ASC II. One of ASC II's executives Takeshi Yoshizaki likes my work including UFO, Psychic and brain wave
interactive research - his fear of future Tokyo earthquakes may explain this.
1987- ASC II needed to divides into ASC II and Microsoft Japan under new management; I was requested to make brain interface for Windows machine and for
Game machine, and to stop UFO & Psychic research. I decided to leave at this junction to dedicate full-time research for Psychic Lab. Then world's first windows computer was
born on 11th of August 1987, Microsoft releases the fist version of its GUIOS, Windows 1.01, developed by ASC II and NEC.

Philadelphia experiment

Philadelphia experiment made space-time connecting between 1943 : age of the Vacuum-Tube computer and 1983 : age of human interface consumer computer.
Philadelphia connect to Montauk over 40 yeas hyper bridge. Human mind / brain and computer interface technology used for Montauk time/space travel experiment.

Consumer computer age:

1975 - First Pleiadean contact by Billy Meier, in Swaziland. 1975, Altair 8800 Computer. 1975, Apple Computer.
1976 - Apple I
1977 - Apple II.
1979 - The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) at Princeton University by Robert G. Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Human interface age:

1968 - Douglas Engelbart, NLS (no line system) performed the first human interface technology demonstration including Mouse in Joint Computer Conference, San Francisco.
1972 - EEG Coherence research by David W. Orme-Johnson, Maharishi International University. Resolute was published in July 1976.
1973 - Xerox PARC: Alan Kay: ALTO, first prototype human interface computer, US.

Silicon chip age:

1958 - January, Tunnel Diode by Esaki Leona, December: Integrated Circuit by TI, First Discrete Transistor Computer Datamatic 1000.
1968 the first Integrated Circuit Computer called DEC PDP-10 emerged.

Silicon age:

1947 - 24 Sep start of "MJ12" for UFO and technology cover-up. Member of MJ12: Dr. VANNERA BUSH, Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, Dr. Donald Menzel, etc.
1947 - 24 December - Bell Laboratories announced the invention of the Transistor, silicon age start to Terra Hz Computer technology.
1951-1952 - UFO peek sighting in USA including over Whitehouse, Washington DC.
1951 - Stanford AI Lab (SAIL): Marvin Minsky built the SNARC, the first neural network simulator (AI).

Electric computer age:

1939 - Electromechanical (Relay Based) Computer Zuse 2.
1943 - the Vacuum-Tube computer Colossus (and ENIAC prototype) was used in The Philadelphia experiment.
1945 - July - Human interface and IT idea: MEMEX: "As We May Think" was published in Atlantic Monthly by VANNERA BUSH, US President science consultant.

Biofeedback age:

1901 - "Development of Voluntary Control" was written by J.H.Bair, it is the first known record of biofeedback, with instrumentation to control part of the body.
1924 - 6 July - Hans Berger recorded signals from an intact skull, University of Jena, Germany. discovery of the human electroencephalogram, which he called "Elektroenkephalogramm."
In 1929 results in paper called "On the Electroencephalogram in Man" the first frequency he encountered was the 10-hertz range,
which at first was called the Berger rhythm, currently called Alpha rhythm. Hans Berger thus earned the recognition of "Father of Electroencephalography."
The central theme in Berger's work was the search for the correlation between objective activity of the brain and subjective psychic phenomena.
1934 - the first brain wave biofeedback was tested by E.D.Adrian at Cambridge, who with his partner, B.H.C.Matthews, replicated Hans Berger's work.

Computer age:

1900 - the story starts before 1900 when the Analytical Engine used Mechanical computing Devices ! "Clone ADA" is a very siginificant and interesting part of computer history
(see ADA Lovelace movie), TESLA: Master of Lighting by PBS, 12 December 2000 is a good document for electric and radio system history.
1893-96 - The opening of Niagara Power station by Nikola Tesla & Westing House, 1895, Tesla began experimentally monitoring the radio emissions of his high-frequency generators.
1898 - the first radio control demonstration by Nikola Tesla happened at Madison square gardens, Manhattan New York.

History by electric age

Electronic technology has revolutionised our lifestyle. Since the advent of alternating current, radio and computer system have drastically changed energy distribution and communication.

History of IBVA4

My electric system construction started beginning of 1960's, vacuum tube to silicon chip.
In 1972, I had strange experience, also my friend's had UFO and Psychic experience, then my interest was change from electronics to psychotoronics.
In 1993, first Crop Circle I saw in UK was image like "Handicap chair Icon".
Not just only me, people in this planet looks like handicap in the mind, how to use brain, hyper space existence and connection.
It's caused by disinformation, cover up science and technology many years, over 5000 years of history cover up, over 50 years of UFO disinformation.
Many people are can not walk by them self in the mind, even if can walk physically.
IBVA is new tool for art projection = freedom of expression & information, new experience for brain, mind and hyper space existence.
In this planet, all technology is depend on how to use, what purpose,,, this situation is so different than other planet and hyper space people.
This makes not good image for technology and cause big problem to communicate other planet and hyper space people.
I decided to open IBVA as commercial product is for introduce new way to use technology.

Monday, December 19, 2005

911 tower 7 and pentagon.

911 coverup story

UFO and Psychic science coverup story